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Is the admiration, enjoyment, and sexual interest in seeing the human leg. It's usually reserved, but not exclusive to, men admiring female legs. It's one form of Partialism Like anything it can become an obsession. More recent times it's become more about the calf muscle than the entire leg. Those who are subject to Legaphilia are known as Legaphiles.
In the mid-30s an art form was created from this paraphilia known as Cheesecake Art. The word meaning Leg Art.

The earliest of this form of art was produced by George Petty, who did centerfold paintings for all kinds of advertisements, but is most noted for his Esquire magazine centerfolds.

Credited as the inspiration for Hugh Hefner's Playboy centerfold.
Today there are many blogs and sites that specialize in the acceptance and proliferation of this fetish such as Legs Emporium
Because of my enjoyment of legaphilia, the first thing I notice, or look for on a woman are her legs.
by GreatBretzky December 29, 2014
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