they left you on read didn't they?
person 1: "Dam I texted them three hours ago and they still didn't text me back"
person 2: *Left On Read*
by HatsuneDoggo November 7, 2021
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someone read the messages but he didn't answer
oh, Karen left on read my insta story an hour ago
by ShinJuni September 21, 2019
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to have your read receipts on, and read the text message, without responding. purposefully ignoring a person and/or their message.
Jessica was left on the reads by Mike, which caused an argument.
by pettygirl123 February 28, 2017
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Interpretations of media that makes excuses for sexist/anti-lgbtq/racist themes by giving undue credit and nuance to authorial intent; especially as a way to give a pass to offensive writing in movies/books/etc you might enjoy.
"Zelda isn't actually a damsel in distress because she helps in defeating the final boss"

"No, that's just a left-reading of her role. She still has to wait around for Link to save her very frequently."


"The left-readings of Rey's role in Star Wars Episode 8 are too forgiving, considering she spends so much of the film trying to 'fix' men. "
by smeefus August 28, 2019
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