When somebody doesn’t open a message from you and you’re left wondering whether they saw it or ignored it. By ignoring you for more important business, or not caring enough, their notification is left alone, henceforth the app has a new “red” symbol
Caden can I talk to you man? I’ve been having it rough lately”
“yeah bro what’s up?”
“So recently you know how I’ve been struggling to keep up with my assignments while also dealing with other shit?”
>two days pass
‘Did I really just get left on red?’
>and that was the last message in two months
by AstroScraps June 9, 2019
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when you text someone and then ,then they don't text you back when they've obviously seen the text.
i texted her to days ago and she always checks her phone
" then you got left on red. move on."
by maekaelaygi rl April 4, 2020
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When you have an idiotic friend who does not abide to the legal rules of the road, and they insist that making a left on red is acceptable whilst everyone in the car is screaming "NO!"
-Friend - goes to make left at red light

by Bluntzilla March 13, 2012
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