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À Leelou is a generally all around nice friendly and sweet person....on the surface! When you get to really know her , she becomes more arrogant but in the best way! She usually will reveal faces of herself no one ever suspected ! But that makes her even better as you can see the true nature of her personnality ! Even better as à girlfriend because she can act as your lover and tyour best friend ! You can never bé bored with her.

......also she maybe be a person a typo away from Leeloo in the fifth element
Leelou......that sounds odd
by b July 15, 2016
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'Leelou' is a personal safety app the brain child of entrepreneur Jerry Farsoun.
I use Leelou's Sos feature when I am feeling uncomfortable walking home alone

Leelou is keeping our community safer, by letting our loved ones know where we are sooner
by Leelou Lij February 18, 2019
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