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Also known as Ledafkbanana, she's Youtube/MySpace scene queen from California. She's only fifteen, and is honestly one of the most gorgeous girls you'll ever seen, even without all the make up and made up hair.
Some might argue that she's more rave then scene, but nonetheless, she still has a huge following of fans and haters.

Truly one of the only "scene queens" on Youtube who doesn't seem overly fake on her videos and lets her real personality shine through.
Her video's are addictive, even if you're not into the scene thing.
She's currently dating Nate from DesandNate on Youtube.
LedaMonsterBunny: A beautiful girl who seems true to herself, and hopefully will continue to do so for years to come.
by ChopYouUp July 05, 2010
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The personification of overrated if Tony Romo didn't exist, she has a huge fan following on YouTube bound to defend her.

For reasons not understood, her followers travel from video to video defending her ways. However, one must give her for not being "fake."
Person: Yo, LedaMonsterBunny is really overrated. I just don't get why people watch her videos.

Defensive Follower: STFU Biotch! She's perfect.

Person: Why have you commented on all her videos about 100 times defending her.

Defensive Follower: Well, she ain't fake.

Person: Ok, but it seems like you're kind of obsessed.

Defensive Follower: Yes, yes I am.
by Broggoflagoo December 12, 2011
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