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Lebanon Jr. High is like Lebanon High School but with more white, racist, hill billys looking for dip. Sudents here can often be found blasting Post Malone or show tunes in the hallway, there is no room for other forms of music. The boys constantly ask for blowjobs and nudes while the girls constantly offer blowjobs and nudes. Lebanon Jr. High School is a cesspool of thots and cholas. Choir classes are not even real. Our clubs include GAY CLUB, GAY CLUB 2.0, and mathletes. When the students throw parties they ask to drink their parents alcohol. Many Eigth grade students date highschoolers because they have bigger dicks. INCLUDING THE FEMALES. The kids also once dropped cocaine in front of their principal.
"Dude, I hate my girlfriend."

"Lol, just get a Lebanon Jr. High School girl. They thots."
by Artificial.Insomniac May 22, 2018
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