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Leannah is a sexy woman who loves to party and is very outgoing. When is all seriousness, she is humble and kindhearted, an honest friend, a shoulder to lean on, and the one person you know you can count on. She is a goddess compared to other women, and the way that she comes about can hypnotize you. She is seductive, and loves with a burning passion. She gets jealous easily, and she loves to be praised and complimented. Leannah is the best anyone could ever have, and to underestimate her could cost you your life. She is lover, a great kisser, and has a perfect body. She is perfection trapped into a body.
sexy outgoing hypnotize kisser perfection Leannah
by JockBoy1290 December 08, 2013
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the best friend i have ever had she has made my life and ripped it apart she makes you smile and cry at the same time , 6 years of my life and i don't regret a thing, she will never change and that's how it should be she is the best my muffin leannah
leannah is the best
by cmanthebossmaster January 02, 2012
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Leannah is a beautiful you lady with the most amazing smile has a lot of energy and can’t wait to make you laugh
I gonna go FaceTime Leannah.
by Mosthateed._RiRi June 26, 2018
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