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Girls who idolise the one and only Lea Michele Sarfati! They often have twitter accounts dedicated to her and fan girl at everything Lea does. She has a big impact on there life!
Who are the biggest Leanatics?

hmmm, there's a few

LeaWorshiper, LeaLoveUK, ThatLeaStar, LeaSMicheleFans ,DearLea_ ,LeaMSarfatiArmy ,Gleek_Obsession <-- they're probably the biggest but theres many more!
by freakygleeky October 08, 2012
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A Leanatic are girls and sometimes guys that idolize and dedicate their whole lives to the one and only; Lea Michele Sarfati. You will often see twitter accounts, instagram accounts or even Facebook accounts symbolizing their love for this amazing woman. She has a huge impact on their lives!
Who are some of the biggest Leanatics?

Let's name a few!

LeaWorshiper, FaithfulToLea, Dancergleek, SupportsSarfati, GoldStarGleek, LeaSMicheleFans, Lea_CoryForever <-- there are tons more but these girls are the most dedicated to the queen herself.
by gleekygleek October 20, 2014
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