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The love between a Lino and a Leah, usually the Lino is not the one to ask the other out. In some rare cases a wild Jacob gets in between them and uses it's catchphrase, "You look like trash, mind if I take you out?"

Jacob! Use catchphrase!

Leah uses rejection.
Aw shit, it's a lealo
by Asian Jesus 🙌 March 19, 2019
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A sexual bond with a lino and a liya love each other verry much and wamts a smoochy smoochy but a lino is to much of a cat to ask a liya for a smoochy smoochy and resalts in a naked drunkend hobo ask out liya and a lino asks out asian jezus and they all live happily ever internet porn stars.
Oh look its lealo

Drunkend hobo man likes lealo

Asian jezus loves lealo

Gay lealo
by Coahab vulture Pen Pen March 20, 2019
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