A true demon. One of a kind. Most other demons fear her wrath. She is despicable and absolutely vile. She likes to torture middle school boys. Especially kids named Alfredo and Calvin. She is pure evil and you should avoid people named Leah at all times. If you ever get on her bad side be prepared for the worst. She will bomb your house and torture you until you are shitting blood and vomiting your organs. Be careful and stay safe
Leah Wilson, a true demon.
by Discord Moderator Jacob September 21, 2022
the most awesome beautiful amazing girl to ever exist
wow she must be a leah wilson!
by Regina george November 25, 2013
Leah wilson, a truly amazing girl, one who will bring light in the dark, one who brings joy in sadness, one who brings love in despair, men could only dream of a girl this pretty, her face, her hair, her body, all perfect, she is a one in a lifetime, she is beauty at its finest, she is talented in many ways, musically, she is smart, and can make you feel better in any situation, her smile the most beautiful you will ever see, her eyes, a dark brown, beautiful as they glimmer in the light, her hands as soft as a feather, she can put you right to sleep with her beautiful voice, she is intelligent as she is funny, only one could dream about her, you’d be lucky if you ever find a Leah Wilson.
by WowSnoopSogBruh October 13, 2022