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1 . A Leaf Point is a point that is awarded for successfully deferring a loss until the expiration of regulation time. The point is awarded regardless of the seriousness of the loss or the inadequacy of the play (see falling leaves) in the overtime period.

2 A Leaf Point is a successful point that is squandered by the losing advocate in the course of advancing an ultimately unsuccessful argument. A Toronto Maple Leaf point is frequently referred to as a faux point.

3 A good point made by an opponent in an argument, a loosing argument but a good point none the less)

4. A point the Toronto Maple Leafs get in "every single last game" that goes into Overtime.

5.A point other teams get in an Overtime or Shootout loss (not as often as the Toronto Maple Leafs however someone else has to lose if the Leafs are not playing
Did Toronto play last night ? Yeah the game went into OT . Right On! so we got a Leaf Point then! YEAH! GO LEAVES Golf EH!

Lanny did you put your bike away last night?

No I didn't have ta the Milk truck ran over it this morning.

Oh, okay Lanny good Leaf point.
by Daniel Use2B Ofteninjuredsson November 08, 2009
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