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A term, coined by ESPN reporters, referring to the unusual interest and rumors surrounding the free agency of basketball player LeBron James. The LeBron mania culminated in an hour long special on July 8, 2010 where ESPN analyzed every detail and speculation about where the King would sign.
LeBronathon reached a climax when SportsCenter claimed that James leaving Cleavland would be like Cavalier's fans being hit by a nuclear bomb. There hasn't been a King James Mania this big since the 17th century.
by billybelmont July 08, 2010
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It is a person who has elite athletic ability with calfs the size of a professional weight lifters quads. This name can only be used by people have been associated with lebron and oliver jonathan.
Mike"Lebronathon, your calfs are looking huge today"
Lebronathon" Thanks, I just did 150kg on the calf machine for 26 sets of 15"
by Raredog21-69 September 09, 2019
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