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When you act like the girl has someone over her shoulder. Do it really convincingly like "Oh my god who IS that??"
Then when she looks over her shoulder to look.... THAT'S when you slip the roofie in her drink.
Woman after she's been Zjacáled- "It was so romantic! I just fell in love with him. He pretended like there was someone over my shoulder BEFORE he slipped me the roofie... He was so smooth. It wasn't like that gross*cough cough wink wink* kind of roofieing. You know, when you see him put the roofie in your drink, but you drink it anyway? No it was so smooth, totally gave me plausible deniability, deactivated my slut defense 100%. And then... It was the best sex I don't remember but then saw video of on porn hub"

Le Zjacále (the jackal)
by Nova .... Scotia! October 12, 2017
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