If you're on a lay-lay, you're just relaxing, doing nothing.
blud, i'm not even on clubbin tonight, mans on a lay-lay
by distgustin November 06, 2007
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taking a long time to perform arbitary tasks
when JR says he will be 10 mins and because he is a lay lay he will not be there in 10 mins
by nil5a March 26, 2009
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A terrible illness, sentencing the sufferer to a general inability to commit to a communal plan due to poor time keeping.

The main symptoms include thinking that any period of time is only '10 minutes bruv,' and that significant distances of many, many miles can be covered in a matter of minutes whilst driving.

Another terrible side effect is the instant mental formation of overseas relatives, who either need or needed to be collected from a local airport, to attempt to excuse their behaviour.

The word has its roots in north west london and has significant lineage in the formation of the phrases 'larry longtings'& 'quackyquicktings'.

It is also widely accepted in footballing circles, as 'Claude Mak-a-lay lay' in honour of the Paris St Germain and French international midfielder.

Damn, I have a lot of spare time today...
why are we still here blud?,

mans are on a long ting, we're waiting on(insert name, you know who you are...)

lay lay?, best bill another zoot then...
by numbnutter March 27, 2009
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The word laylay means a layout ( the way the page it set out). It is often used for websites such as myspace, bebo, facebook and piczo.
P1---wots new on your myspace?
p2--- well i gotta new laylay
by lozzi February 23, 2008
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She’s a gold digger that went out with this boy for some damn chips
Damn that laylay girl is a goldigger
by Kacyy July 31, 2018
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