In networking terms, the little well-known eighth layer of the OSI reference model.

Layer 8 -> Chicken Parm
Layer 7 -> Application
Layer 6 -> Presentation
Layer 5 -> Session
Layer 4 -> Transport
Layer 3 -> Network
Layer 2 -> Data Link
Layer 1 -> Physical

Normally, during troubleshooting procedures, a problem can be broken down and categorized into one of the lower seven layers. When an issue is of an unknown origin, cannot be resolved, nor can it be explained, it becomes a layer 8 issue, and is pushed aside as unsolvable.
"This laptop can't connect to McDonald's Wi-Fi no matter what I do! Even an RHKTTH didn't work!"
"Dude, Layer 8 Chicken Parm issue, let's go to Panera, free Wi-Fi!"
"That's what I get for buying a laptop from wal-mafia!"
"Dude, don't be an AHOP, and drive!"
by TheDownwardSpiral November 1, 2007
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