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A lethal combination of drinks, involving a shot of Bacardi 151, immediately followed by a 12 oz. can of Red Bull, then followed by a 12 oz. can of any beer (Coors works best to maintain consistency in can shape with Red Bull and Coors). Variations include substituting 151 with two-three shots of Smirnoff, or switching the Red Bull with Monster.

*A bottle of 5-Hour Energy on top of the three drinks creates a Sweaty Layek Bomb and must be consumed directly before the 151 (order of consumption by ounces).

*WARNING: Layek Bomb/Sweaty Layek Bomb can be EXTREMELY dangerous to health, causing heart problems and an INSANE amount of energy, enough to get ten feet of air off of one's bed via thrusting.
AT: Yo dude I'm so tired... and this Red Bull isn't helping
JS: Easy dude, just combine the red bull, 151, and a coors to make a Layek Bomb and you'll have enough energy to run a 69s 400m running backwards.

AT: What if we chug this 5-hour energy along with a Layek Bomb?
by Rita Malek October 20, 2008
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