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Boring ass town on long island were everyone is different. Here you manage to have the richest and poorest kids come together to learn. People from ab and north woodmere come 2 meet the poor from inwood... our football team is beast and we rival Jewlett... Major druggie population If u go here u no least one druggie and 4 dealers. Our skewl is being overrun by orthobastards who send there kids 2 private school. were mad poor cuz they run our budgets. two schools have been closed and a third is about to... our skewl is fucked up the smart kids are druggies (so are the jocks)infact almost everyone smokes or tried it... the high school was built on a swamp and a landfill..infact the high school isnt even in lawrence but in cedarhurst... damn my school is gay
i go to Lawrence High School does that make me a pot head


damn i only smoke ciggs
by SluttyBag January 17, 2009
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