A firm of lawyers or a firm of attorneys, both nouns being interchangable.
I was tired of losing my car insurance and paying an arm and a leg so I hired an entire lawfirm for the cost of a cup of coffee a day thanks to lawyerlink.us!
by lawman July 1, 2004
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a firm of lawyers; a firm of attorneys. Lawyers and attorneys are the same thing.
I was tired of paying higher insurance rates because of speeding tickets so I got the best law firm in the state to represent me for the cost of a cup of coffee a day thanks to lawyerlink.us
by lawman July 1, 2004
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a law firm, usually specializing in insurance defense, that hires graduates of TTT law schools and pays them poor wages and deducts their health insurance premiums from their paychecks. these firms are often discussed on sites like JDjive and xoxohth because they are considered the worst law firms to work for in a given city.
each year, the Golden Toilet Award is presented to the toilet law firm in New York City with the most mouthbreather behavior for that year.
by sginsberg February 16, 2007
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a law firm with less than 50 employees that pays its associates far below the market rate while practicing an area of the law with limited or no potential for upward mobility. such firms typically practice insurance law, especially its lower forms like "no fault" or "insurance fraud defense".
there are many toilet law firms in new york city, known for their dedication to providing cheap representation to insurance companies at the expense of quality work or decent pay.
by scottginsberg February 13, 2007
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(NOUN) An idiom that's a 21st Century update of the old canard "canaries in a coal mine"; describes the warning signs given when seeing filthy carpeting and other shabby maintenance issues in a law firm, doctor's office, or other such business. Dirty carpets are a warning that the firm might be in financial trouble and could go out of business soon, since they are severely skimping on the basics that a successful firm would never neglect.
Jessica interviewed for a new job at a place whose office set off "dirty carpets in a big law firm" warning bells for her. Sure enough, two months later, that place was out of business.
by ChiTownBard February 25, 2013
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