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A strong willed individual. Very oppinionated. Likes to laugh and enjoys a good joke. Loves her family and dogs. Lavonnes are most often found reading, shopping or lounging outside on a hot day. Lavonnes are great cooks. Stubborn. Strong eyes and a nice smile, Lavonnes are very beautiful.
1) as stubborn as a Lavonne
by j1987 February 03, 2010
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Lavonne is one of the most loyal true friends a person could have. While she is friendly and outgoing with everyone, her true friends know that she would do anything for them, anytime they need her. She is honest, and nurturing. She can be judgemental, but is usually right. She is very intelligent, dont try beating her in trivia games! Always up for a new adventure, but also content wherever life puts her. When life throws hardships her way, she just smiles and says Bring it on!"
I wish Lavonne was my friend, everyone should have someone like her in their life!
by verian blue February 03, 2010
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