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A girl that's beautiful though very shy. They are naturally gifted in many ways but usually do not acknowledge this fact because of their low self-esteem. It might be hard to start a conversation with a Laurisa, but once she opens up to you, you'll see just how wonderful she is.
Hey why is that hottie sitting alone over there?

Oh that's a true Laurisa. She doesn't talk much.
by Nyancatderp August 31, 2011
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A woman that is a pathological liar, manipulates and lies to get her own way. She refers to herself as a beezy (word during hyphy bay area movement meaning bitch/hoe), and struts around on four inch high heel shoes thinking she is better than everyone else, little does she realize that everyone around her see's straight through her illusions and how truly ugly she is on the inside and out.
OMG who is that nasty BEEZY?!

Oh that's just Laurisa.....
by SugarBear707 July 29, 2011
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