An actress best known for acting in CW shows such as Arrow and Supernatural, and also blowing some dude off during the iCloud leak event in 2016... but mostly known for being Black Canary in Arrow.
Dude do you know who Katie Cassidy is?

Yeah, the girl who was giving a blowjob to some dude in 2016?

No... What the fuck, the actress who was Black Canary and was in Supernatural...

Oh... then no, no clue who your talking about...
by GregoryBaskins12963 June 14, 2020
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Actress who's appeared in films and tv shows. Currently on CW show Arrow.
Katie Cassidy used to be on Supernatural.
by Autumnleaves98 September 1, 2017
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Never the same.
Totally unique.
Completely not ever been done before.

A truly talented and underrated actress best known for her roles in movies "A Nightmare On Elm Street", "Taken", "Monte Carlo", "The Scribbler", CW's "Arrow", "Gossip Girl", "Supernatural", "Melrose Place", and CBS's "Harper's Island".
Katie Cassidy is so underrated and does not deserve the hate she gets.
by BluntSassyandHonest October 4, 2020
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