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An amazing person who is a great friend. She is extremely friendly, lovable, and pretty. Smart, creative, and kind-hearted. Has a smile that can light up your heart. She can have her ups and downs but she always is there for you and is in your heart.
My friend is such a Lauralee
by Angelina Laxton February 24, 2013
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A charming loving person who has a very big soft spot for animals of all kinds - except cats. A Laura-Lee prefers animals to people in most cases.
You are as charming and loving as a Laura-Lee
by Lollie Popsicle January 04, 2012
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An amazing girls name. She is pretty, cocky, and loves herself. Unpredictable at times. Never backs down without a fight. Excels in things she likes. Softball dominates her world. Loves her friends. She is herself and says Deal With It
She is so cocky...what a Lauralee!
by Lovely Lace July 24, 2008
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A Laura lee is very deceiving. She is very good at hiding things and turning them around on you making it your fault. Watch out for this heartless woman as she is only concerned with herself and what she can get. A user. Tries to act high class but is as ghetto and lazy as they come. She will also act like your best friend but talk smack behind your back and is too scared to tell you how it really is. Usually of the Mexican form. She is a Cheater as well.
Man I was with this girl but she kinda took me by surprise. She told me she did this and that and when I actually got to know her and moved in turns out she didn't do any of it. She was only concerned about her self. Dude you were with a Laura lee
by stockboy1 December 05, 2011
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