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Laughing Sex is laughing during loving-including laughing foreplay, laughing sex and laughing orgasms. Serious laughing sex researchers have experienced multiple laughing orgasms if they laugh on the second squirt of their ejaculation with no wet noodle phase in between!
The Three Most Common Ways People Get Laughing During Sex: 1)SOMETHING UNEXPECTED HAPPENS: The Bed Breaks Under Your Weight - or You Fall Out Of Bed-The Unexpectedness Makes Funny Sex 2)SEX IN UNUSUAL PLACES: The Funny Feeling, "We're doing this here?" 3)NOISY SEX: People Exagerating the Sound of Their Lovemaking to Make it More Fun. Like Speaking in French Accents by People Who Don't Speak French - Just the Accent Because They Think It Sounds Funny and Makes Them Laugh! Laughing Sex examples include a medical doctor was making love passionately in a canoe when it capsized right at the moment of orgasm. He found the experience not only profoundly funny and sexy - he's been into cold water for potency ever since. You know how kids love to jump on beds like trampolines because its fun - and grownups are always telling them not to do it? One couple was making love when they heard their three year old on the other side of the locked door saying, "Mommy, Daddy...... No jumping on the bed!" making them burst into laughter. Remembering it as "The best sex we ever had" they remind each other ofthe incident for years ever since to keep them laughing about it when they're loving! One of the Easiest Ways to Get Back to Laughing is to Relive Funny Sexual Experiences We've Shared
by LaughingPenny March 09, 2007
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