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A group of men (solely men) who appreciate the finer things in life, siuch as, getting 'on it', 'dominating' a club and generally consuming their weight in alcohol.

Such men usually answer the call of the 'lash horn' and are ready at a moments notice to assemble for the lash.

Lash team are usually poor, due to their excessively hardcore partying skills.

The Lash Team is a secret club whose antics and members have remained secret for generations. Speaking of the Lash Team openly, typically results in expulsion from the team.

The only way to leave the team is if you're dead.
(Friend) - "Hey mate, wanna come to this orgy, it'll just be you, me and twenty drunk chicks"
(Lash) - "Would love to mate, but I'm out with the Lash Team"
(Friend) - "The what...?"
(Lash) - "Erm... nothing...."


*Cocks head to side and listens*
(Friend) - "What's wrong"
(Lash) - "Nothing.... gotta go..."
by Mr.Vice May 16, 2010
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