The sound created while a man's penis is inserted in a woman's anus and the woman farts quickly and repeatedly. This sound is created by the air escaping though the small openings between the penis and anus, creating a high, squeaking noise resembling the sound of a laser gun.
I was plowing Ellen last night, and she shot out a huge laser gun!
by 6HyungPaq9 June 3, 2010
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The futuristic version of a regular gun.
Person 1: "I have a gun."
Person 2: "well I have a laser gun."
(person 1 runs away)
by Dubiks August 26, 2018
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Similar to Rock Paper Scissors, except more real. (Why does paper beat rock :) ?)
Laser beats Gun (melts the bullet, then gun, and hand), loses to Mirror (reflects off and back at Laser)
Gun beats Mirror (shatters), loses to Laser (above)
Mirror beats Laser (Above), loses to Gun (above)
Laser is displayed by pointing with index finger only, palm down (to eliminate cheaters from toggle from Laser to Gun)
Gun is displayed by pointing with index finger, and thumb up (traditional gun gesture)
Mirror is displayed by open palm facing opponent, similar to stop signal
"Would you like to decide who eats the last Twinkie by playing Laser Gun Mirror?"
"Sure, let me finish my Fortnite round first though'
by Ultimate Carnage August 14, 2019
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A laser gun wielding taco super hero. Arch nemisis is Besto.
Oragin: Latin Taco Festare Lasero Gunare- To Eat Tacos
Look in the sky its a bird its a plane... its a taco? Its Taco Fest Laser Gun!
by TFLG April 24, 2009
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