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A very very very under appriciated pairing. Not very populer and lots of people probably have never even thoughht about it. The pairing of Larxene and Xion. Two female characters in organization XIII from kingdom hearts. Larxene controls lightning. While Xion's power is unknown. It's yuri. Or girl/girl.
KH fan 1: Have you ever heard of Larxene/Xion?

kH fan 2: No. What is that?

KH fan 1: They are a yuri pairing of larxene and Xion!

KH fan 2: They must be crack...

KH fan 2: No. I don't think there are crack pairings in the org. Well. Maybe any othering pairing with Xemnas but Xemsai. But other then that. I don't think so...
by KH fan 1 June 14, 2009
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