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A girl who adores the characters Kairi and Sora from Kingdom Hearts to the point of unhealthy obsession.
(May also be a guy in some cases)

Usually calls them her "Waifus"(See: Waifu) and threatens to destroy anyone who:
1. Ships soriku
2. Misinterprets or insults the characters Kairi or Sora
On a daily basis

This type of Kingdom Hearts fan is Rare within the community and most likely bisexual, due to the romantic context displayed towards both characters seeing as Kairi is a girl and Sora is male.

Possibly Insane as well, if you come into contact it is advised to stay calm and not make any remark that undermines said characters if you value your life.

They can be spotted wearing Cosplay of either Kairi or Sora, or some variation of said characters(See: Ventus, Vanitias, Namine, Roxas, Xion), and usually some form of merchandise like a paupou fruit.
Animecon goer1: "Did you see that girl over there?! She was buying Sokai doujins at that stand and gave me this evil look!"
Animecon goer2:"Was she wearing Kairi cosplay?"
Animecon goer1: "Yeah"
Animecon goer2: "Don't worry, she's just a Kaisogasmic Fangirl"
by Ifyouknowwhatimeanhuehhueh January 16, 2014
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