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Chiramii was a spamer on ACC (Animal Crossing Community)
She posted a thread called "HEY, EVERYBODY" which was a yaoi thread supporting akuroku.
The thread soon branched out to sport other shippings like yaoi pair Soriku and a few yuri pairs like Kairi X Aqua and Xion x Namine as well as many other shippings (yuri and yaoi alike) including a few human x plant (Sora X Shrub is a good example of this)
The thread got a mix between positive a neg responses.
It brought non yaoi and or yuri fans as well as yaoi and yuri fans together even if it was for only 2 hours.
She was a beautiful troll and shall be remembered in our hearts forever.
"Axel and Roxas.. in bed... hehe... *blushies*" ~Chiramii

"You should be ashamed of yourself." ~RashyBridy

"You know what else is entertaining? Kairi and Namine. Yeah, I went there." ~gatekid2

by sexes males October 10, 2011
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