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a new name nowadays.

-best "bestfriend" ever

-hardheaded sometimes
-has a respect from her parents
-sweet, funny , always "high"
-fall in love too hard too fast
-science geek
-self esteem
a kind of girl that really waiting for the right guy.
it takes a year to get over her crush.
a combination of Larry and Lyn (Lynne)
friend: hey larrelyn :) howz life ?
larrelyn: everythings goin great.

larrelyn: i still like him ...
friend: gosh ! until now ?! its like 2 years ago girl and you dont even talk to him... how come you still like him ??

parents: be prepared for your test honey. it'll affect to your future ...
larrelyn: yes mom and dad . im preparing now...

friend: im nervous ! do you think i can do it ?
larrelyn: yes you can ! we believe in you and just be youself.
by hardrockcafe June 25, 2011
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