The stupidest hobby since dancing. Combine the geekiness of DnD with the fruitiness of improv theatre, and you're in the ball park. LARP should be discouraged in all it's forms, though LARPers are as fun to laugh at as those cosplay freaks.
LARPers are social outcasts who need real lives.
by Betterthanyouguy March 26, 2005
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Simon: Hey dude, me, Eli and Jimmy are larping, you in?
Jimmy: Sure, why not?
by probably a badger May 19, 2018
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larp is for pathetic people who likes to dress up like stupid dwarfs and orcs.
larp is pathetic and gay!
by Dniworrom May 16, 2008
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Acronym that stands for:
Linux / Apache / Ruby / Postgres.
Linux / Apache / Rails / Postgres

A new rapid development web framework stack.
This is derived of the popular LAMP acronym that stands for:
Linux / Apache / Mysql / (PHP|Perl|Python)
Ruby on Rails is part of a LARP stack.
by Isidore Ducasse May 01, 2005
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In the context of Martial Arts, to practice in a way that more resembles a Role Playing Game than an actual fight, and/or to overdo it with terms from other languages, elaborate costumes, etc.

One may LARP as a Samurai or Ninja (Aikido, Budo Taijutsu/Ninpo), Buddhist monk (Shaolin Kung Fu),special forces soldier (systema, various forms of "street self defense), even a member of another culture in your own country (52 hand blocks).
Did you see those idiots dressed as ninjas demonstrating how to beat a sword with horse stance? Total LARP.
by Lelouche September 07, 2007
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Physically damaging another person with weapons you've collected.
I got three levels by larping all night.
by mtlurker March 09, 2005
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A person who loses all verbal and motor skills after drinking copious amounts of liquor.
Coming home from the pub last night, Lauren fell down the Beaumont Hill again. What a Larp.
by Beaumontgal April 27, 2009
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