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An amazing, beautiful, compassionate, caring girl! She'll always guide you in the right direction. Loves to get wild from time to time-- if you have her, keep her! Treat her right though, she easily checks out and begins the quest of finding a better partner.
Dude: I'm falling for Laritza...
Dude 2: If only I had seen her first..
by Bubbafaction March 07, 2013
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A usually dominican girl with bright eyes and full lips... black curly hair and a beautiful smile. Very kind hearted just comes off with a mean personality. Hard to understand at first but once you truly cooperate with them, the best person you can find. Loves the idea of having a family and successful future. If you find a Laritza, keep her. Very loyal when attached but as soon as you loose her, a player. Definitely a player. She loves hard and is hard to get emotions out of. Truly she has an amazing heart. With a nice booty😉😉
Boy 1: “I finally got a chance with Laritza”

Boy 2: “Don’t mess that up bro”
by Eldominicano22441 March 29, 2019
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A hispanic girl with long black hair that’s wavy with big lips and beautiful blue/ golden brown eyes. Ella e muy cotiza pero hermosa. Una bendicion de dio💚. Very smart and interesting. She has a different vibe from the rest and is loyal. She has anger issues and she’s a crazy ass latins pero she’s An amazing caring person. Get you a laritza.
“Is that Laritza bro?”
“Hell yaaa shordy validddd as fuck
by Oneofherexs July 29, 2019
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