Another word for Driveway. Typically used for longer driveways in rural settings. Usually only wide enough for one vehicle at a time.
Giving Directions:
Yeah, when you get here you can turn down our laneway (it is number 3) and at the end you can park on the grass on the left side. That way your not blocking the laneway.
by Cookiesnotcake August 12, 2020
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Used as an 'in the know' synonym for 'cool'. The origin of the word is found within the heart of Melbourne, Australia's 'cool' culture: the laneway.

The word conjures imagery of graffiti (with artistic merit), hard to find bars and trendy clothing. It evokes the smells of pure espresso, gourmet focaccia and 'just created' innovative cocktails. It resonates with the sound of hip-hop jam sessions, stomping nouveau trance and funky jazz.

It is ... laneway.
Dude 1: Hey man, my slamming beats have scored me a record deal and the C-A-S-H is gonna be rolling in.

Dude 2: Dude, that's so laneway.
by Austral-australians May 2, 2010
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a group of laneways in toronto that have been extremely vandalised and tagged up. large groups of teenagers meet here to smoke, drink, and hide/sell stolen goods.
Man 1: "yo, we 'bout to go down to mikes laneway and get smashed, you wanna come?"
Man 2: "yeye, i need to sell this ipod i just stole"
by Vlademir December 18, 2006
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