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Lanasexuality is romantic or sexual attraction or behavior toward Lana Parrilla/Evil Queen of Once Upon a Time. The term is especially used in the context of human sexual attraction to denote romantic or sexual feelings toward Lana Parrilla. The problem arises when a female may actually consider themselves straight just sexually or romantically attracted to Lana Parrilla. There may be some conflicting feelings for the female to deal with. They may also go through a period of Regalsis
Nelly- I was just on Tiny Chat with Katie and she's freaking
Marguerite- What's wrong with her?
Samantha- She's trying to sort out all these feels for Lana Parrilla
Marguerite- What's wrong with that?
Nelly- She thinks she may be Lanasexual
Samantha- Oh...
Nelly- me too.
by NellyPheenix November 21, 2012
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LANASEXUAL: a descriptive word for females who identify themselves as straight but have feelings of love and/or attraction toward actress Lana Parrilla.
"A friend asked me if I was straight or bi, and I replied NEITHER. I'm LanaSexual."

"Look at those women, trying to promote their Lanasexual agenda!"

"While watching OUAT, I realized that my Lanasexuality was growing stronger with each viewing."
by HenrySwanMills May 26, 2014
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