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A family/person that thinks that by going to resturants such as Panda Express, Taco Bell, and Sbarro, and Chef Boyardee that thay are becoming multi-ethnical even though said resturaunts don't actually give you authentic ethnic food.
Another common sign is that they will use words that they think are from another language too seem cool even though they know not the Gramatical usage or the actual meaning and in some cases will end up saying something like the following

"I want to buy a Sombrero hat"
which means in solid english
"I want to buy a hat hat"

Another symptom is that they will follow 2020 stories about diseases which usually only follow white families with diseases which are pretty low end such as pink eye, empitigo, lazy eyes, moles/warts, and then sware that those are the unluckiest people who ever lived. Or actually believe ADD and ADHD are diseases instead these are just bad parenting and excuses too be lazier or get out of trouble. And will give money , housing, medicine, to anyone who would appear in either catagory.

Finally, People who teach their kids super extremes such as:

"Don't leave the car!"
Then some thing like Heat stroke kills them because they couldn't figure out to leave

"We're all equal"
But, whats this? Shes a racisit.

"Those video games are too violent"
But they're the parent who bought the console, TV, games, and even signed for M rated games and looked at the box while buying it.

"The war in Iraq is bad"
They voted for Bush

And enforces above policies.

Cure: A good smack to the back of the head
And a leson in the Real world from a random comic entourage including but not limited to:
Dave Chapelle
Dane Cook
Carlos Mencia
Charlie Murphy
Seth McFarlane
I think my sister's getting Lamo Exteremo so I turned on Comedy central's uncut South Park Movie
by Shalashaka January 16, 2007
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