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A girl who is full of brightness, In Arabic means: Brightness, and the girl is beautiful and VERY kind, so that when the girl does something mean (Maybe once 3 years or a lifetime, just an estimate) the people who experienced her mean thing glance in awe and are so taken aback, they are not believing this and take this as a joke, and the girl is GORGEOUS, so sometimes being too kind isn't too good, so when the girl does something mean, because she has to, she has to do it really mean, and serious, so the people take it seriously...
Person 1: Hi!
Girl, Lamisha: (Punches person 1, but a little light, but still meaning to be mean)
Person 2: Probably a j-joke don't worry...
Person 1: Yea, like a playful punch...
Girl, Lamisha: Um yeah...
by ...hzycbdhd July 11, 2011
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