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The biggest shithole you'll ever step into!!!!
If you go to this place you'll want to kill yourself instantly.....
Boy: what school you go to??

Girl: Lalor secondary college....u?

by Tittytittytittyfuck November 08, 2009
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Where people only care about is looks.

If you don't have perfect hair everyday, your skirt not up to your ass, or cake your face and just simply want to focus on your education. People won't bother to get to know you and just assume that your some boring person who spends their time doing Sudoku as a hobby.

And the people who in the 'hot category' usually look down on the people who aren't. They're the people who do the judging. Because you aren't perfect, they will think they're so much better than you and say selfish things to make them look better such as "Nobody likes you" or "Shut up, nobody cares". If you try to talk to them, they will be like "good for you" or "cools story bro". They're also really lazy asses who like to act rebel in class by bringing only an exercise book and a pen, and say smart ass comments in class and do nothing while disrupting the class. Then when the teacher tell them they need to do work, they come up to you and make you let them copy. These people also take small comments that people say about them behind their back so seriously. Like if they heard that they got called a slut/two face/bitch they would go and approach the person and cause a showoff their 'toughness' and increase their popularity.
A typical Lalor secondary college student:
Student 1: Hey did you see __, he/she's so hot!
Student 2: I heard she's a bitch.
Student 1: Who cares!

Student 1: Eww, did you see ___, he/she's so freaken ugly!
Student 2: She's pretty nice though.
Student 1: Who cares!
by omglololol June 27, 2011
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