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Someone who despises the Los Angeles Lakers and would be just as happy watching them lose as they would to actually win themselves.
You either love the Lakers or are a Laker hater.
by Bojengles April 11, 2004
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A person who thinks they're down, special, and cool just because they hate the Lakers. Usually jumps to and sells out to different teams that have a better chance of beating the Lakers.
Laker Hater:
"I love the Trailblazers. They'll kill the Lakers in game 7". 1999-2000 Season
"Screw the Trailblazers, it all about the Sixers, Iverson MVP". 00'-01' Season
"Iverson is a ball hog and Sixers suck, Kings in 7". 2001-2002 Season
"Kings will never beat the Lakers, so let the Spurs do the job and become champions, the Spurs are my new team". 2002-2003 Season.

Note: All of these quotes come from the same person.
Even though Shaq is gone, the Dynasty is over, Kobe can't carry the team and the Lakers suck now, I'm still a fan.
by Yea boy! May 08, 2005
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A term used by some Los Angeles Lakers fans to describe anyone who has the gall to be a fan of a different NBA team. Using this is proof of poor sportsmanship because the user does not have enough respect for any other NBA team to understand why it even has fans, assuming that the fan in question is merely just hating on the Lakers for "being the only good NBA team".
"Man Celtics just did not show up tonight. I hope they play a better game in Game 2." "Omg you're going Celtics? I'm sorry I'm not allowed to be friends with a Laker Hater"
by JenovaImproved June 03, 2010
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