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This Michigan high school is full of stuck-up bitches, jocks, rich pussies, and white trash. It's the largest high school in Oakland County but is still over populated with the scum from Pontiac and lower parts of Lake Orion.
If Lake Orion High School got sucked down by a sinkhole, I still wouldn't care about that shit hole.
by klingadingding August 24, 2010
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Lake Orion High School is a gigantic, well- built school in Michigan about an hour from Detroit. Lake Orion High School has every type of person imaginable, from jocks, to nerds; from jerks to friendly peers. It is the largest school in Oakland County with around 2,600 people so there is something for everyone to be involved in including endless amounts of clubs, sports, and arts programs. LOHS has many sports teams (Football, Track, Volleyball, Hockey) along with a bunch of clubs (Bible Study, Singer/ Songwriter Club, Key Club, and almost anything else imaginable). LOHS also has highly skilled arts programs like Band, Choir, Theater, and many others (Photography, Drawing1, etc..). Not to mention, Lake Orion has excellent teachers (except for a few who have no idea what's going on) that help to keep LOHS at an exceptional level based on academics. Personally, I think Lake Orion is a great high school and I'm happy to call myself a Lake Orion alumni.
Have you ever been to Lake Orion High School? I heard their football team was undefeated a few years ago!
by LOHS Alumni October 09, 2013
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