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A modified version of the Emeril. To ejaculate semen into the palm of your hand and hold it in front of a sleeping person's face while yelling "BAM!" thus making them spring up into it.
The bitch wouldn't wake up, so I set off the Lagasse alarm.
by G. Sherman August 10, 2003
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It doesn't just have to be semen, it can be any liquid or powdered substance. Salt, pepper, sugar, hot sauce, anything goes.
The USMC drill sergeant has just woken up an oversleeping cadet by setting off the Lagasse alarm, throwing pepper on the man's face.

"BAM! Wake up, maggot! Just who the hell do you think you are? Rip Van Winkle? Get up, take a shower, dress up, and catch your sorry carcass up with the rest of the others who are apparently better evolved primates than you are! Yeah!"
by Mark H July 11, 2004
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