Noun:1. A device used to intentionally slow or completely stop data flow from the modem to the computer/gaming console for a short period of time. In online games, using a lag switch will allow you to become momentarily invincible. Your opponents are very easy to kill if you use a lag switch. Most leagues and ladders prohibit lag switches and consider them as cheating. 2. A device that lets you cheat in online games.
Verb:1. To use a lag switch to own an opponent. 2. A joking way of saying your going to kick some ass. Does not really mean you plan to cheat.
Either definition of both the Noun and Verb can be used depending on the context.
Noun: That guy lags out everytime I shoot at him! Lag switch alert!
Verb: That guys been camping all game! Time to lag switch that hoe!
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a bastard way of winning gears of war 2 when ur team's being pwned or the player has no natural skill in a game, common for mouthy kids and overly competitive rejects to have 1 set up next to their mini-fridge and occurs mostly on wingman
they're entire team were getting whipped then some nub lag switched

that guy gave it all the lip but still had to lag switch for the win
by SuckmyTorqueBow April 9, 2009
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The act of giving someone a Hand-Job
Kelsey Lag-Switched Josh with enough passion to power the sun for an eternity.
by ThehomeboyzCZJG December 29, 2014
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