A promiscuous whore. A female who gets around. A mistress or hooker. But sometimes it's just fun to refer to dumb sluts in high school as this because they don't realize you're making fun of them.

If they have any sort of myspace or facebook account, most of her 'about me' section is filled with various denials and excuses for her promiscuity such as: "I've been hurt so many times", "Guys are assholes", or "I really am a nice girl who just likes to have fun". Also "I hate sluts", "I'm a bitch and I'll let you know what's up", and "People who talk about me behind my back don't have the balls to say it to my face".
Branden: Dude, look at that ass, I would do her so fast...
Nick: Can't say I wouldn't, though she is quite the...oh, how do I say this nicely..."lady of ill repute".
Branden: You know, everyone says "oh she's slept with every guy in the school", well why haven't we gotten any?
Nick: You mean you haven't?
Branden: Oh what the fuck!
by Arockalypse February 19, 2009
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