Another word for 'queef' (when air is released from the vagina, making a farting noise), which is classier and could be used in everyday conversation.
-"Oh! What was that noise?"
-"I'm sorry, I had to lady fart"

-"I heard that she could lady fart on command!"
by McalaMuffin December 25, 2010
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a significant fart emitted by a person of the female persuasion. used to claim/excuse a fart. can be used by a person to forewarn surrounding individuals of an oncoming smell. said in a high pitched, lady-like voice that is drawn out.
girl: -loud fart-...."lady fart..."
by ummmcarolyn May 29, 2008
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a more comical and sophisticated way of saying queef otherwise known as a vaginal fart or lady fart.
Aye girl lemme get that lady part fart
by I_am_a_pseudonym January 22, 2020
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