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A Ladinocorn is nothing more than just a ladinocorn. :D
a mixture of a lion/tiger/dinosaur/unicorn.^.^
He lives with Rex.:P
He is himself,its a he by the way.
He dont give a shit on what you think.
he can be considered a cannibal,cause all he does is bite people.
Cant Talk Right.xD

cant roll letter "r"
He Is Asian/Black/Mexican.
Smoking weed is a must on being a ladinocorn,
tall.strong.little eyes,big mouth,and isnt afraid of doing what he wants to do.
a Motherfucking Ladinocorn <3
and is photogenic t(._.t) -___-
"Watch Out Guys,Ladinocorn Is Coming To Bite The Shit Out Of Us!"
by THEBasedGod July 10, 2012
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