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An abandoned mental hospital in Exeter, Rhode Island that is considered 'haunted.' Most people who visit it are sci-fi nerds expecting to see ghosts, vandals, thugs, and high school students that want to prove they aren't pussies. Most of the time, there is always at least one person (well, teens) out of a group that gets all excited to go, but ends up sitting outside until their friends come back out. There's nothing to be a pussy about, though. The whole idea of the Ladd School makes you believe that you can hear ghosts walking around and groaning, but it's actually just the sound of the shitty building slowly falling down. Lately, the staties have been patroling the place and arresting kids or making them leave (which won't stop them from coming next week). In conclusion, it's all a so-called ghost joint that the bored kids of RI go to on summer weekends.
John: Yo, I'ma go to duh Ladd School wit Jamal this weekend. You in?

Kevin: Nah, man! Dat shit is madd haunted. Youz all whack!
by dub dub princess 224 June 02, 2008
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