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LaQuavian is a cool guy that is easy to get along with just as long as you don't threaten anyone he loves or holds dear to his heart. He is great with kids and is kind of a hothead and he is most likely to have a deep voice and he is good at sports. He is crazy jealous too if he is going out with a girl he doesn't like her talking to their ex. If he does he will flip if he sees her and her ex hug, this leads to his downfall in relationships.

LaQuavian can be the most level headed person you meet in your life if you stay on his good side.
LaQuavian is the sweetest boy you could ever meet, but he is protect of the people that he loves. Tierra He also firmly believes in anything he puts his mind to. LaQuavian has a soft spot for little kids even though he may always keep his guard up. He also has a hard time trusting people if tells you almost everything he likes you and he trusts you,but break that trust and becomes a completely different person. Yeah he gets jealous and is a little hotheaded but that is only because he doesn't quite understand how to act as his own person. LaQuavian can be the sweetest person in the world if you treat like a normal person,especially if seems mean just try your best and get to know him.

All he needs is love and will be the most loyal boyfriend to have. He will treat you like a queen no matter what even if he his struggling he will make sure that you are treated right.

LaQuavian (Quay) is the type of person that will defend anything he loves or believes in.
by Comosisen February 20, 2017
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