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Translation: The bohemian life. A song from the musical RENT, in the format of a toast to the life of a poor artist. Has become an anthem of sorts for many artists of all kinds. A must-know song and principle for anyone intending to make a career in the arts.
To riding your bike midday past the three-piece suits
To fruits, to no absolutes, to Absolut
To choice, to the Village Voice
To any passing fad
To being an us for once, instead of a them
La Vie Boheme!
by Shannon L.W. April 05, 2006
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In english, "The Bohemian Life". One of the best songs in Rent that celebrates the life of the Bohemians living in the Village.
"To days of inspiration playing hookie, making something out of nothing, the need to express to communicate, to going against the grain, going insane going mad. To loving tension, no pension, to more than one dimension, to starving for attention, hating convention, hating pretension not to mention of course, hating dear old mom and dad. To riding your bike, Midday past the three- piece suits, to fruits to no absolutes, to Absolute- to choice, to the Village Voice to any passing fad. To being an us-for once-, instead of a them...

-Jonathon Larson
by Liz owns your ass May 17, 2005
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A song in RENT, a tribute to anything and everything Bohemian, From AIDS to No money, it's all in here.
To Hand Crafted beers made in local breweries,
To Yoga,
To Yogurt,
To Rice and Beans and Cheese,
To Leather,
To Dildos,
To Curry Vindaloo!
La Vie Boheme!
by Forrest/Remus November 03, 2007
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A song in the musical RENT that pwns your socks off.
Dearly beloved, we gather here to say our goodbye--s
Here she lie--s, no one knew her worth
The late great daughter of mother Earth
on these nights when we celebrate her ber--th
in that little town of Bethlehem
we raise our glass, you bet your ass to----
La Vie--- Boheme---!
La Vie Boheme!
by ashalee_x August 29, 2006
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Definition: A song that has so many references in it, that it would take a day and night to figure out all of them, but in general: The Bohemian(SP?) Life...
Random flamer person:do you even know what that means?
Me:The bohemian life, duh retard. still suck

by THE_zebra February 27, 2007
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Song from the musical RENT that a bunch of little kids think they understand when they really don't know 9/10 of the references in the song.
Stupid kid: (singing) ...Gertrude Stein, Antonioni, Bertolucci, Kurosawa, Carmina Burana...
Normal person: Do you even know who those people are?
Stupid kid: Stfu, viva la vie boheme!
Normal person: Do you know what that means?
Stupid kid: ...We're not gonna pay rent?
by Justine Owen February 19, 2007
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