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an extremely gorgeous female who has above average intelligence and a quick wit;she is phenomenal;she is every mother in laws dream;a beautiful mother
"I feel bad that dad's cheating on mom. I guess she should have been a La Shay."
by LilBrown321 April 04, 2009
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If u meet a Lashay, never ever let her go! She is the most beautiful, supportive, loving girl you'll ever meet. Really good at at being mean to people who are mean to her. Never lies. Trustworthy. Beautiful. Just amazing! Don't ever let a Lashay sneak out of your life! You'll regret it if u let it happen. ..
Bully: Lashay ur ugly as anything! Go buy some makeup!!

Lashay: omg nice one! At least when I look in mirrors they don't smash on me! Anyway, I have absolutely no time to speak to u. Come on Girls.

Bully: you have no time to speak to me cuz ur scared!!

Lashay: right mate... the reason I'm walking away from u is belapse I don't want to go home crying with how much I roasted uπŸ˜‡πŸ˜ƒ

Bully: *stormso away*

Lashay and Friends: *laughing their heads offπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚*
by ;-; .-. :P March 13, 2018
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A beautiful young lady who everyone loves and admires. Often changes moods but that does not stop them from helping others with their issues and problems. Often feels lonely at time even though they have friends. If you find a Lashay keep them.
"Yo, your mom is totally a Lashay"
by Ilovepandas1788754 April 17, 2019
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Lashay means that she nice ever one and never let nobody down and she make own things by herself
Lashay very shy person and kind all different ways
by Shayshayball12 May 12, 2019
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She is really nice, but dont get on her bad side. She is aggresive and loves to talk. She is usually Really social. She is gorgeous and doesnt take no as an answer. She lives to watch romantic netflix series.
Yo look at la' Shay imma hhu
by Freya Riley October 11, 2019
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Is a woman that is weird and I think she has psychic and telepathice abilities.....only call her if you need to get rid of a ghost or need an exorcism.

I know for a fact she's in the Michigan area.
LaShay talks to ghost all the time.
LaShay performed an exorcism on my house.
LaShay is a psychic
by OnlyGod1 February 03, 2010
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