LUDIT /lüdet-Street lingo/jargon originating in Eleanor Roosevelt Houses in The Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn New York in the early 90's
1-the art of or method of lootin'it, lying, fabricating, perpetrating,gaming, fraudulent. see lootin'it. making things seem more than what there really are, lying.

2- Game, your rap or spiel.High-flown talk or speech..
3- Slick talk
So I threw shorty the ludit, then she was feeling ya boy something crazy.
by T'sedeqie October 25, 2010
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A person who is averse to addapting to technology.
IE: He is a ludite because he does not want to use myspace as a means of communication, in order to manage his relationships--business, or otherwise.
by BNV October 15, 2007
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A made up word that Chloe Gentle uses in conversation
My name is Chloe Gentle and you are a ludite
by shandyrubz February 8, 2016
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