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This game is like an improved version of the R.L. Infact, I gave up a very large portion of my summer for the soul purpose of being able to engulf myself in this false reality (aka, i got a job, and spent $1,500 on a computer in order to play LOTRO). This is the first MMORPG to actually have a good story -line (shock!), not to mention the unbelievable graphics considering the scope of the game. So yea, umm...this game PWNS!!! and to all of you WOW fanatics...I've already converted a few of your kind and I'm coming after you next!!
Hmmm...what's the greatest MMORPG ever made...yep, LOTRO!
by Tyrone James Johnson Jr. October 19, 2007
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So totally awesome only normal people can comprehend it. Hopeless Wombies will probably despise it, that's because they are TOO DAMN USED TO directX FUCKING 8 and can't handle newer ones. Ehem.
Damn good story + incredibly kind people + stunning graphics + atmosphere = LotRO. You know you wanna.
by NikEntwistle September 21, 2010
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An abbreviation of the soon-to-be-released MMORPG, The Lord of the Rings Online. I personally can't wait for this game to reach it's release date, as i'm a HUGE Lord of the Rings fan and a Tolkien fan in general.
The game will be based on the BOOK version of The Lord of the Rings, by JRR Tolkien, a legend of the pages.

Lotro has entered it's beta stage, i hope i get an invite!

Yeah right. They even have competitions to win an invitation, it's highly unlikely you'll get chosen for nothing.
by Phil Young September 22, 2006
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Game created by an MMO company Turbine, based out of Westwood MA. And also a sex act.
Legend has it that A " lotro or LO-TRO" is also a sex act developed during a company Christmas party. First 2 men dress like dwarfs wile, a female or male dress as a hobbit. Then the 2 dwarfs each take turns trying to LO-TRO their ejaculate into the shorter hobbits mouth. The dwarf who succedes from the longest distance wins.
by Hobbit master October 14, 2010
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