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(lol-e-moan-e) It's what real men say to the incompetent divorce lawyers and judges after they take their income "off the books" at work, and place all of their assets at their parents or another trusting relatives discretion (even better if it's one of her relatives that hates her but loves you) until all of this "alimony business" settles down.
Judge: "I order you to pay more than you are financially capable of in order to maintain the lifestyle that your wife is entitled to so she can still have enough of your money to support her failure "lifestyle coach" boyfriend with the money you slaved for and the debt you will endure because I am a hair brained moron with an online law degree and lack the cognitive skills to formulate rational decisions that will ultimately influence the rest of your life."

Real man: "LOLimony judge fudge I don't own shit. No hard feelings babe. Here, your 18 year old sister lost her sock at "our" house last night. Tell her it was in my pant leg, she'll know what it means."
by Ampresandman November 29, 2013
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